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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. right off the top tonight new details on the horrific
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crash that sent two international students to the hospital. fox 5 uncovers where the alleged drunk driver was in the hours before she got behind the wheel. a raging inferno rips through this california neighborhood leaving several people dead. tonight investigators are searching for clues leading them to what went so terribly wrong. and the d.c. mayoral election four days away, we're digging deeper into your no. 1 issue, education. but we begin tonight with that crash investigation. thanks for joining us at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm wisdom martin. the two victims in the crash are still in the hospital tonight. they want to know where the driver was in the hours before she hit those two student as long florida avenue. fox 5's roz plater is live to pick up the story. >> reporter: wisdom, there are new details tonight that may help answer part of that question. just behind me is the crash scene and tonight the owner of a bar not far away stepped forward to say that driver was in his bar about an hour or so before the crash. in fact, he has it on
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surveillance tape he turned over to police but that she did not seem intoxicated at the time. investigate on everies are now focusing attention on -- investigators are now focusing their attention on hours leading up to this crash where police say chamica adams crashed her car into this restaurant friday night striking and injuring two pedestrians. her blood alcohol was nearly twice the legal limit and investigators want to know who served her what and when. >> we have an ongoing investigation jointly with the alcohol control board with our major crash unit to determine what the circumstances were prior to her getting behind the wheel. >> reporter: one of the owners of the district bar and adams morgan told fox 5 they had surveillance footage showing adams at the club that night. the bar advertises free drinks from 6:00 to 7:00 but say ms. adams was served a minimum amount of alcohol hours before that unfortunate accident. ms. adams was witnessed by several employees and patrons
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and at no time did ms. adams seem or act incoherent or intoxicated. city leaders say they will wait to see the outcome of the investigation. >> we have revoked alcohol licenses and we will continue to do that. we're not going to tolerate irresponsible behavior because as everyone knows, alcohol is a potentially dangerous substance. >> reporter: meanwhile at the johns hopkins school of international studies students are worried about their colleagues. julia bachlietner from austria and melissa basque from france both grad students seriously injured. >> we are extremely concerned about their conditions and think about them constantly and hope they are back with us in class and doing okay. >> reporter: now the police chief says she expects the investigation to be wrapped up quickly. in the meantime the judge released adams until she has her day in court. she is ordered to be on a curfew and not to drink.
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new charges have been handed down to 10 people suspected of running a major drug ring in d.c. and maryland. the suspects were already facing drug charges and now a federal grand injure indicted them on firearms offenses -- grand jury indicted them on firearms offenses, federal racketeering and three murders. crystal watson was shot to death one day before she was expected to testify against the suspected drug leaders in court. police cracking down on distracted driving launching a new campaign today indicate drivers about the potentially deadly consequences -- to educate drivers about the potentially deadly consequences. fox 5's maureen umeh has the details. >> reporter: you've seen it, maybe even done it yourself. >> probably talking on the phone is probably the biggest thing. >> reporter: but there's also texting, eating, putting on makeup or sometimes worse all while driving. >> i admit once in a while i've looked at my e-mail at a light
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and all of a sudden the light changes and you're not going and backing up traffic. it's a problem. >> reporter: distractions that pose a danger on the roadways and fairfax county police are cracking down. >> it's really gotten to be an epidemic and it's very dangerous. that is the message we are really trying to drive home that even though it's not illegal to do some of these activities, it's causing a probable. >> reporter: a recent study by the virginia tech transportation institute shows nearly 80% of all crashes and 65% of all near crashes involve driver in attention due to distraction. >> i say the most important thing about driving is alertness. it's not so much ability but alertness. >> reporter: the new distracted driving campaign combines public education and awareness with district enforcement. officers are being posted at intersections and along roads and areas like tyson's corner where there is high volume and a high number of crashes, but police will also be keeping watch on less traveled
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locations. >> if they're swerving or braking inappropriately. if they're not going a green light because they're doing some of these things, we're going to stop and charge them. >> reporter: in addition to the increased enforcement efforts, fairfax police will launch a new study focusing on texting. the goal is to better understand how people view distracted driving so safety and education efforts can be better targeted keeping the roadways safer for everyone. in tyson's corner maureen umeh, fox 5 news. fairfax county police are also distributing new text awareness posters throughout schools across the county. the distracted driving campaign is slated to run through june of next year. down to the wire in d.c.'s race for mayor, today the last scheduled confrontations between the two leading candidates before tuesday's elections. fox 5's laura evans is in the newsroom with today's developments. >> mayor adrian fenty and challenger council chair vincent gray are facing off again grilled on the radio and later got testy with each other at a forum in georgetown.
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a brief but friendly exchange between two candidates in the middle of a bitter battle against each other. incumbent adrian fenty, challenger vincent gray interviewed on wtop radio friday, but when they got behind the microphone, accusations flew. >> and there's no evidence despite the denials of the spokesperson for the mayor's campaign, there is evidence that this man went down and registered that day and voted that day. >> reporter: gray is talking about a young man who says someone in the fenty camp promised him a paid job if the young man would vote for fenty. gray is now calling for an fbi investigation. mayor fenty is dismissing the whole thing. >> one driver who was unnamed may have said to somebody hey, if you come to vote with me, maybe you'll get a job. that person didn't have authority to even offer it let alone whether we know he did it. >> reporter: fenty was also grilled on how he treats people including the city council. >> finally you turned over the baseball tickets. in retrospect wasn't that petty and din vic active and small
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minded and unbecome -- vindictive and small minded and unbecoming for a mayor to do? >> yes. >> where did you do it? >> because people makes mistakes. that one essentially what happened was we got the city council the tickets 10 to 20 days after the season began. it shouldn't have happened. it happened. this year it didn't happen again. people make mistakes. i make them. i'm a human being, but we corrected it it this year. it won't happen again. >> reporter: mayor fenty did note his success in schools by way of rising test scores. vincent gray wouldn't consent to keeping michelle rhee if he becomes mayor. >> i believe very strongly in support of the schools and will continue to do that if i become the next mayor of the district of columbia. >> reporter: vincent gray did say if he was elected he would fire d.c. attorney general feature nichols. early voting has already started. primary election day in d.c. and maryland, though, is tuesday.
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. >> voters say education? i no. 1 concern in this election and joining us tonight to talk about it, the head of d.c. public schools chancellor michelle rhee. thanks for being here tonight. you've made a lot of changes in both policy and leadership within the school system. what's next on your agenda for d.c. public schools? >> well, we want to continue to focus on the things that matter most which is student achievement and everything that we need to do to drive student achievement levels higher. so some of the things that parents can anticipate happening this year with their students is that there's going to be more focus on individual students where they are and what they need. so you'll see a lot more differentiation happening so that we have interventions in place for our students who are below grade level so that they can quickly accelerate their learning and force students who are on or above grade level, you'll see differentiation for them so they can continue to advance. >> getting back a bit to the race for mayor of d.c., many people say this race between mayor fenty and council chair
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vincent gray is basically a referendum on city schools and even more so about you. what are your thoughts? >> in some ways it's not surprising that education is at the forefront. when the mayor was elected four years ago, he said education was going to be his no. 1 priority and i think he has stood by that promise. what's interesting to me is that i was talking to a national newscaster the other day and he was saying isn't it disheartening to see that in the polling nationally people don't hold education in high regard. it was like no. 13 on the list of people's priorities and i said but it doesn't have to be that way here in washington d.c. it's actually no. 1 on the voters' mind and that's because the mayor has continuously over the last three plus years said it's all about schools. >> it's about you, too. a lot of parents are saying i'm in this because of michelle rhee. how does it make you feel to be in that position? >> well, you know, in some ways i think that it's heartening to know that parents feel that
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level of faith and confidence in me and my ability to lead the school system and i think that a lot of parents at the end of the day see the changes that are happening in the schools. they know just as well as we do that we're very, very long way from saying the job is done, but they can see firsthand the changes that are happening in their schools with the facilities, with the quality of teachers that we have, with the just basic things like getting textbooks to the schools on time and i think they appreciate the fact that those things have been fixed. >> you've hinted that if vincent gray were elected you wouldn't stay on as school chancellor. what do you say to parents with kids enrolled right now or parents who are considering enrolling children about your future plans? >> i'm not a big what if person, but what i have made clear to both the mayor and the public is that when mayor fenty is reelected that i have committed absolutely to being here for another term. >> all right. also very briefly here you've been criticized sometimes for your management style, for your
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lack of communication with some parents and for the firing of the teachers. briefly what's your plan to bridge those gaps if you stay on as school chancellor? >> we can always do a better job communicating and i'm incredibly committed to ensuring that everybody feels like they're a part of this effort and they're engaged in that. on the teacher front i will say that we did have to do -- make some hard decisions and we had to terminate some teachers, but i just came from an incredibly high energy event at union station where we recognized and rewarded our most highly effective teachers in this system and it was hundreds and hundreds of teachers there and we were able to say you are the ones who have been driving this change forward. you are the reason why our children's achievement levels have soared and we basically told them that they will be receiving checks in the mail for the incredible work that they've done and these checks will vary from $3,000 up to $25,000. so it really was an incredibly
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high energy event. they were very enthusiastic and i think that a lot of them came up to me and said it's been a hard three years. you've really pushed us, but we know that we're doing better and our kids are doing better. >> d.c. school's chancellor, michelle rhee, thanks for coming in tonight. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. still ahead tonight two more perspectives on d.c. public schools and what needs to happen next. d.c. councilman tommy wells and the vice president of the washington teachers union join us live at 10:30. an enraging inferno taking out house after house. investigators in california pouring over the gas line after the explosion. how could the company have missed warning signs. the now called off qur'an burning in florida, what the florida pastor and imam in new york are saying about the possible meeting tomorrow. >> not bad today, relatively cool out there, temperatures stayed in the 70s. will this trend continue all weekend? we'll have some rain, too.
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when's that coming in? we'll have your complete forecast all coming up when fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. stay with us. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪
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a deadly gas main eruption, find out what residents say happened in the days before next.
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fire crews in california have fully contained a blaze that ignited after a gas line ruptured causing this massive fireball in san bruno california just miles from san francisco. four people have been confirmed dead in the thursday night blast and the death toll could rise. authorities still need to search about 1/4 of the homes in the affected area. search crews with dogs spent the day going house to house. the fire chief says some parts are still too hot to search. some 50 homes were destroyed. police cordoned off the burned area until they can determine the cause of the explosion. fox's anita vogue is the live on the ground in san bruno -- vogel is live on the ground in san bruno with the latest. >> reporter: it's been 24 hours since that pipe exploded and there are fire crews still on the scene putting out the hotspots because there are just so many. the good news is emergency officials say there are no more
10:18 pm
people missing. of course, there are four people who died in this terrible incident, but they've searched 95% of the homes now and believe that they've accounted for just about everyone. they've been relying heavily on specially trained search dogs, canine teams, but there are areas they can't go into because it's too hot. there are too many hotspots. they're going to go back in tomorrow with new teams of dogs after things have cooled down a bit and hopefully be able to make more progress then. >> quick question for you. did anyone report a gas smell before this happened? >> reporter: i'm having a little trouble hearing you, if you could repeaat question. >> i was just asking if anyone reported any kind of gas smell before this incident actually happened. >> reporter: i'm sorry. anybody report a gas smell? yes. in a few weeks before this incident there were residents here that were reporting a gas smell. now pg&e is looking into that trying to sift through their
10:19 pm
phone records to see, in fact, they've logged those calls. residents who actually called in to complain, but yes, there are a number of residents who said they did smell gas in the weeks leading up to this incident even as soon as the night before. >> you say they were going to continue their searching tomorrow, go back in or try to because it was too hot to go in today. is that the next step in this process? >> reporter: yes. we're having a little trouble hearing you here, but i think you asked me if they were going to be continuing the search and they are. the national transportation safety board is on the ground looking for a cause. tomorrow emergency crews will go back out with more teams of dogs looking through more neighborhoods where they weren't able to get into today just making sure there are no more missing people. they don't believe they're looking for anyone else. >> all right. anita vogel, thank you very much for that report. in colorado tonight families forced to evacuate their homes because of wildfires are going back briefly to grab their most
10:20 pm
important things. despite the winds last night crews managed to contain 45% of the fire's perimeter, but there are fears wind will pick up today and again threaten the homes. the area where 169 homes have burned is still off limits. president obama is weighing in again on a florida pastor's previous plan to burn the qur'an on september 11th. pastor terry jones now says he wouldn't follow through if he could meet with the imam of the planned mosque at ground zero. we'll take a closer look. >> reporter: florida pastor terry jones said he will not go ahead with the qur'an burning event, this as his self-imposed two hour deadline passed without any word from a new york imam about whether or not they will withdraw plans to build that mosque near ground zero. that imam abdul faisal rauf said he is going ahead with that plan. jones sparked anger across the globe with his threat to make
10:21 pm
his congregation burn the qur'an on the anniversary of 9/11. president obama said jones' plan must be taken seriously. >> the idea that we would burn the sacred texts of someone else's religion is contemporary to what -- is contrary to what this country stands for. >> reporter: president obama pointed out the qur'an burning could cause great harms to u.s. troops and cause great problem as broad. pastor jones on thursday said he would not hold the burning as long as he could meet with imam rauf. >> the imam has agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. >> reporter: but rauf said there was no deal, no meeting and there was no meeting planned. in a prepared statement he said, "we have no such meeting planned at this time. our plans for the community center have not changed." rauf is going on his own public relations tour to defend the new york project.
10:22 pm
he tamed another television interview and will appear -- taped another television interview and will appear before a prestigeous council monday to defend the contentious and controversial plan. we may have rain in the forecast, but it could be too little too late. we're showing you why dry conditions are already hitting communities hard. police say they may know what drove a woman to open fire inside this kraft foods plant. 
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while d.c. isn't officially in a drought, the council of governments declared a drought watch. tonight fox 5's beth parker takes us town on the farm where the -- down on the farm where the dry conditions are already having an impact. >> this one is perfect. >> my son read a book about berry picking, so he's just been begging to go. >> reporter: the flavor of a sweet red raspberry has jumped off the page and popped into the mouth of 3-year-old andrew
10:26 pm
day. he's visiting butler's orchard. andrew's mom katherine is a gardener herself. >> my geraniums are dying and i have to water them every day on the porch. >> reporter: the butler family has been watering, too much the irrigation you see here is laying the groundwork for next year's strawberries. >> we really need to get our strawberry plants nice and healthy this time of year because they're making their fruit buds now in september and early october for next year's crop. >> reporter: in the places where they aren't watering you see dry cracked earth. it's certainly not a situation where the crops are wiped out, but there will be a reduced yield. for example, a vine that would have had eight pumpkins on it will now have five instead. butlers have 20 acres of pumpkins. >> there's pumpkins coming, a couple nice ones on this vine, orange ones, still a little soft. so they need to cure a little bit more. >> reporter: while wade butler likes these beautiful blue skies, a hot dry summer has
10:27 pm
made things difficult. >> even just 10 miles away a neighbor would say oh, we got an inch of rain last night and i'm like what? it was cloudy here. >> reporter: the heavy winter snow melted slowly and helped make for a successful spring, but the pounding summer rains were not as useful to farmers. >> that rain came so fast it didn't have time to soak into the ground and do what we needed. >> reporter: butler knows the weather will never be perfect. there are always peaks and valleys. in montgomery county beth parker, fox 5 news. still aheadght we're tackling issue no. 1 in this year's d.c. mayoral election. our experts face off on the state of d.c. schools. find out what they think needs to be done for the school system to get top marks. plus cancer treatment not just for the body anymore. we're checking out the latest treatment coming up at 10:55. south of laredo, there's a place...
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. the sprint to the finish is
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on for mayor adrian fenty and challenger vincent gray, just four days until the primary and voters decide who will be the next mayor of d.c. tonight we're tackling issue no. 1, the state of d.c. schools. joining us tonight ward 6 councilman tommy wells who is also a former school board member and certificate of chancellor rhee and nathan saunders, the vice president of the washington teachers union who endorsed chairman gray. thanks for being here, gentlemen. you both had a chance to watch our discussion with chancellor rhee20 minutes ago. mr. saunders, what did you think she had to say? >> what she had to say was very interesting and appeared to be very politically oriented and it's unfortunate that public education in washington d.c. has reached that level. most rank and file teachers as well as parents want their children educated and want to see the success of students, not politics. >> mr. wells, what were your thoughts on what chancellor gray had to say tonight? >> let me say i'm neutral on the mayor's race, but i've been
10:32 pm
a very good partner or at least michelle rhee has been as a council member and for schools in the city. what chancellor rhee talked about is a shift towards having entrepreneurial schools and the only way is to have teachers perform in a way that they're measured and i think you have to have a teaching core that understands that we're going to become the school of choice for parent, we have to be competitive and so i think what she talked about is part of her plan in order to again reward teachers for excellence. >> clearly what we've been hearing from the voters is that education is the no. 1 issue right now. let's hear from the candidates on what they had to say about chancellor rhee today. >> i want to sit down with her very soon after the primary so we can get a sense of where she is and where i am and what the chemistry will be between her as chancellor and me as the mayor. >> i'm waiting to hear what still needs to be said about the work of michelle rhee.
10:33 pm
the greatest test score improvement in a three-year period that the country has ever seen. >> mr. saunders, you've been very critical of the way the chancellor has handled the school system. your union is supporting vincent gray right now. in your opinion what have been the biggest successes and failures for the fenty administration regarding d.c. public schools? >> in terms of successes we've heard a lot of conversation about public education. the unfortunate thing has been it's been the wrong conversation. it's been about terminating teachers and being punitive against workers who have contributed a great deal to public education. >> but tonight didn't she talk about some of the things that she wants to do for the students as they move forward, the continuing work she wants to do? >> sure, she did and the unfortunate thing is that she only spoke to a small segment of public educators who happen to be in front of her as a result of improving test scores which is unfortunate. all teachers work hard in d.c.
10:34 pm
public schools and should share in the benefits of public education resources. >> mr. wells, you've listened to the chancellor. you're a supporter of her work. we know you think there have been successes have. there been any failures at this point? >> first describe the successes. it's not just in test scores. it's also where the parents want to send their children to school. in ward sick we've got about five -- ward 6 we've got about five traditional elementary schools that have waiting lists for parents to get in. we're becoming schools of choice again at least in ward 6 and i think in other parts of the city. so certainly i think that chancellor rhee has become a leader for our school system, that this was a major step for her. i think that she's a driven type leader, but some of the things that i would quibble about is leading by anecdote or somehow believing that one type of story with what happened with one teacher applies to the whole system, but overall we've
10:35 pm
improved i can say for ward 6 that our schools are becoming schools of choice. we're competitive. parents are staying again rather than leaving because of our schools and that's the most important thing to us. >> mr. saunders, what's your response to that? if you are seeing parents who are happy and there's a waiting list for students to get in? >> what i might just say is not all parents are happy with d.c. public schools' leadership under chancellor rhee and the fact of the matter is the parents filed a lawsuit against the chancellor and mayor saying they were not inclusive parent issues and would not share numbers, would not share part of the future planning of d.c. public schools. now let me also say this. we have success in washington before michelle rhee. i think this potential mayor, in fact, probable mayor vincent gray is very positive when he looks at the opportunity to have additional success. we can do better than where we
10:36 pm
currently are with this chancellor and we certainly can move forward faster. >> you talk about doing better. over the past three years we've seen test scores steadily go up. if you were in charge, what do you think we could do to make dcps better? >> let's get the facts right. we recently had a downturn in test scores. the improvement has been minimal, not phenomenal. what was promised to the residents as well as the teachers in the system was that we would make tremendous leaps and tremendous improvement. now what we can do in the future and what i'd like to see the next mayor focus on and mr. gray is focusing on the parent, student and teacher relationship based upon what goes on in the classroom. that's where teaching happens. it doesn't happen downtown. >> mr. wells, let me let you jump in. what's your response to that? where do we go from here? where should the school system go? >> i think a couple things. as we all know, test scores around the end all be all.
10:37 pm
we know parents want to send their children to these schools and that's where we're really making progress. chairman gray made it clear he wants to continue with mayoral control of the schools. by nature that is a more auto cathic system -- autocratic system, but our school system is failing and it needs a traffic turnaround it. requires strong leadership and the mayor must be directly tied to the performance of the school and chairman gray made it clear he will continue that model of government. it's not a real inclusive model. that's been the complaint in new york that parents feel left out. >> we'll have to end there. of course, this debate is not over. both mayoral candidates say they want to keep the control within the mayor's office of d.c.p.s. nathan saunders and tommy wells, thank you. >> thank you. >> we'd also like to know what you think. too you believe d.c. schools have improved in the -- do you
10:38 pm
believe d. schools have improved in the last four years? log onto and vote in our web poll. a terrifying scene in a kraft foods plant, a woman walking in and opens fire. plus the president makes a major admission about the recession recovery. ksgo t
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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a busy day for kansas city police who placed a high speed bus. the chase lasted about 20 minutes. it ended when a fire broke out because of improper braking. tonight the man behind the wheel is behind bars. it turns out a pennsylvania woman who opened fire on her co- workers was involved in a feud with them. two people were killed, a third
10:42 pm
remains in critical condition in the shooting at a kraft foods plant in philadelphia. yvonne hiller also fired at police but missed. tonight she faces two counts of murder, attempted murder and other charges. fixing the financial mess, with the november elections looming and the democrats' control of congress in question, president obama today laid out a case for his handling of the economy. in a news conference at the white house the president acknowledged the recovery is taking longer than he would like. >> for all the progress we've made we're not there yet and that means people are frustrated and that means people are angry. if the republican leadership is prepared to get serious about doing something for families that are hurting out there, i would love to talk to them. >> republicans say they want to keep the bush era tax cuts from expiring, but the president said today he's more interested in preserving tax cuts for people making less than $250,000 a year. tonight on the news edge a maryland election race is getting ugly, taking center
10:43 pm
stage this local campaign flyer that you may have gotten in your mailbox. new at 11:00 both candidates weigh in on the controversy that's getting national attention. plus another political battle getting physical. we'll show you the rally that turned into an all out riot when we come back. and those sneezing fits and itchy eyes could be a sign of something much more serious than just allergies. we'll explain tonight at 11:00. 
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
oh, the weekend is upon us and there's rain in the forecast. we'll tell you when to expect it coming up. ceusme
10:46 pm
fox 5's game of the week takes to us alexandria virginia as the lancers visit the hawks. >> both team won their season openers last week. who went 2-0? lindsay murphy is here with the highlights. >> last season they finished 10- 2, but those two losses both came to robert e. lee, but what about this year? we'll have to go and find out.
10:47 pm
hayfield hawks players in orange and their fans all kinds of pumped up for tonight with the match-up against the lancers. in the 1st quarter hayfield hands off to steven lynch. he runs between blockers for a nice 40 yards. 2nd quarter the short pass to wesley scott and he would put in some serious work. scott weaves his way a gain of 26 yards down to the 4 and two plays later 20 seconds left in the half, justin marshall gets the td. 2nd half, the screen pass to hayden nutts who rumbles untouched for a 50-yard touchdown. the hawks go up 21-0 and exact revenge on lee as hayfield takes this one. 208-0 is your final. >> that was a very, very -- 28- 0 is your final. >> that was a very, very good performance by the kids. i can't question their effort, great effort. they played very hard. we had some kids playing both
10:48 pm
ways, a couple kids coming off injuries, so hats off to them. >> folks, thanks for your votes this week, but it's already time to vote for the next game of the week and it will be a thursday night game. so get those votes in asap. we want to hear from you. here's the list of match-ups. log onto our website and click on the sports tab and vote away. coming up in sports at 11:00 mike shanahan and clinton portis talk about sunday's opener against the cowboys. we'll send it back over to the desk. gary, you are here and it was nice when i walked. in i've been outside a couple times. it was still nice. i thought it was going to be raining actually. i was hoping for rain. >> what channel were you watching? >> i'm hoping for rain. what do you mean? >> you'll get your wish. >> tomorrow? >> no. we'll salvage part of a decent weekend. sunday it's going to rain. >> oh, redskins game. >> no, not necessarily. redskins don't kick off until
10:49 pm
8:20. so we have several hours of rain potential before the big cowboys/redskins. >> we don't want the field to be messed up. >> domination. >> call it out, great. >> you have not been around long enough to know that i hate the cowboys. i don't even want to -- i wouldn't root against -- root for the cowboys no matter what. let's talk weather. gorgeous day, gorgeous evening, a few clouds, but still enough sunshine to make it decent. high temperatures today in the upper 70s, 78 for reagan national, close to that for dulles and dwi marshall 77 degrees. right now it's 69 in the city, but look west back out in our suburbs. dulles 63, martinsburg 58, frederick 59. right here from d.c. back to the north and east and across the bay there's a little -- i'm just talking about a little -- bit of cloud cover out there
10:50 pm
and i think that's keeping the temperatures up a bit. tomorrow's temperatures right up into the upper 70s to 80 degrees, be a good range for tomorrow and at least in the afternoon we're thinking some increasing clouds. it does not look like it's going to be mostly cloudy and most of the day tomorrow very nice with lots of sunshine. as we get into tomorrow night, through at least the first part of sunday we have some showers, maybe even a rumble of thunder, too and with limited sunshine and more clouds temperatures on sunday will struggle to get up into the middle 70s. they'll probably get there, though. if not there, just in the lower 70s. we've had a lot of cloud cover today, colder air aloft and that created some cloud cover and tonight a little bit of it is hanging on. it's hard to see, but there's a little bit of cloudiness here for eastern pennsylvania down towards i-95 and just across the bay back out to the east. so therefore here in the city and points to the north and east our temperatures are holding up this evening a
10:51 pm
little bit. now there's showers down to the southwest of us, but the main activity is out here from minnesota back down to iowa, missouri and all the way down into parts of kansas. severe weather tonight breaking out here. there's actually been a tornado watch in effect and some of this is moisture left over from hermine. it's not a lot, but it's a little bit and it's what's coming in our direction not for tomorrow, but as we start getting into tomorrow night and sunday. here's futurecast. notice tomorrow at 5:00 we're good. we'll start to see a little bit of cloud cover mainly just high clouds coming in in the afternoon hours and then towards right before sunset tomorrow i think the clouds will start thickening up a little bit. here's sunday morning, though. lots of rain for us, just about everybody getting wet here and as this starts in the city at about 6:00 in the morning, we may have a wave or two of some moderate rain move through, but by 8 a.m. it's pushed off to the east. lingering showers through the morning and it looks like once
10:52 pm
we cross over into the afternoon, things will start to get a bit better, but expect at least a rainy morning. this is 8:00. i stop it here because out at fedex it looks like things will be fairly dry as the showers are passing on by. this is representative of where the heaviest rain is now coming up as we start getting into tomorrow there. most of the heaviest rain is going to be on off to the east of us. so for tonight we have fair skies and temperatures down into the 60s and tomorrow's high temperature again in the upper 70s. ph cloud, so cloud in the afternoon, but not bad and the rain comes in sunday morning early and lasts at least for the first part of the day, gets out of here for the game sunday night and then monday is the beatdown. that's a good way to describe it, wisdom, thank you. monday, tuesday, wednesday temperatures are real nice. >> i'm loving that. that means i can basically keep my air conditioning off now. >> it is. it looks like we're turning
10:53 pm
that corner because as i mentioned earlier this evening, don't see any 90s throughout any time to come and i don't see any hurricanes coming along the eastern coast either. all this week president obama has been shifting his focus back to fixing the economy. fox news sunday san liesing everything this week and all the event -- is analyzing everything this week and all the events in washington and also from redskins park. earlier today i spoke with host chris wallace. tell us what we can expect this weekend on fox news sunday. >> the big news, of course, is the economy and the campaign. the president came out with a new economic plan this week, really took the fight to republicans. they're fighting back and the polls indicate they're winning at this point. we'll talk to the man the
10:54 pm
president has just appointed as his top economist in the white house, the new chairman of the president's council of economic advisors, a fellow named austin goulsby. then our panel will take on the extraordinary events this week with the anniversary of 9/11, that pastor in florida threatening to burn qur'ans and the controversy over the mosque near ground zero and why is it there seems to be a new tension in this country's relationship with islam. and our power play of the week, we talked to the new head coach, mike shanahan about how he's going to turn a team into maybe 12-4 this year. >> we know the big game sunday night. do you want to make any predictions? >> i'm talking to a station in washington, right? >> washington in a cakewalk over the dallas cowboys. i don't even know why the cowboys are coming to town. >> thanks so much for joining us. we will join you and the rest of the gang this sunday on fox 5 at 9 a.m. thank you, chris. still ahead tonight treating cancer, it's more than
10:55 pm
battling a tumor. new treatments are also healing the mind and the spirit. we're taking you to the front lines of the cancer battlefield coming up. in minutes at 11:00 your e- mail inbox could already be holding a dangerous computer virus and spreading fast. what you need to know on the news edge. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge, jeep and chrysler dealers. ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
10:56 pm
what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does. and bring our city together. vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs. his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
when it comes to fighting cancer western medicine can't always help. sometimes integrated therapies can help patients deal with side effects. fox's dr. kumar takes a closer look. >> integrated medicine, a new approach to cancer treatment, not just for the body, but for the mind and spirit, too. >> integrated medicine which i teach and practice and now train many physicians in is first about working with the body's own potential for healing. >> reporter: integrated
10:59 pm
medicine combines conventional and complimentary dreams when there is -- complementary treatments when there is evidence of safety in the treatment. >> there are lot of people out there peddling snake oil, so to speak. >> we're taking a rational scientific evidence-based approach to what we do with our parents, whether the mind body program is looking at acupuncture, the neurological changes that happen in our brain. >> it's better than before. >> my appear tout is better because the bloating is -- appetite is better because the bloating is less. >> reporter: estelle wilde is receiving treatment at a cancer center and is experiencing common side effects. >> there are many side effects for which there is nothing that can be done from western medicine. >> i asked my radiation doctor do they have acupuncture and could i have it and he said sure, you want it? no problem. i couldn't sleep well and i couldn't walk well. i was walking with

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